Saturday, 22 October 2016

German Film Programs

Some German film paper for the memorabilia junkies out there... I recently re-discovered these two film programs for The Night Porter and The Exorcist toiling away in obscurity among my stash of Films and Filming magazines. A quick Google image search for both yielded no results so I thought I'd post them here for posterity. I picked both up some years ago at a flea market in Vienna, the best of a huge selection of programs for vintage German films and not terribly interesting Hollywood imports. My lo-fi photos don't do justice to both programs but production wise, The Exorcist program is the classier of the two, printed on good quality paper and more professionally designed. The Night Porter by comparison is rather flimsy and the slab serif typeface is dull and unimaginative. Still, I wish I could stretch my rudimentary German a little further to understand the text. Apart from showing Charlotte Rampling semi-naked on 3 of the 12 pages, how does one sell a film like The Night Porter to a German audience ?

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