Friday, 3 November 2017

First look at the Milky Way

It seemed like the longest pre-order of my life, but Roland Kayn's fourteen-hour magnum opus, A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound has finally arrived ! And very nice it looks too, the 16-discs packed into a sturdy folding cardboard box, with the individual CDs housed in simple card sleeves. The set also comes with a folded one-sheet insert which contains an interview with Kayn from 2003. I was surprised to see that apart from a rudimentary track listing, there is no information about the actual music. I suppose I was expecting some impenetrable notes about the 22 compositions but this is at least offset by Robert Beatty's psychedelic-tinged geometric artwork which I like very much. And I like the bellyband that comes with the box, rounding out a very stylish collection. 750 copies only (so be quick!)

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