Saturday, 24 February 2018

Fellini Satyricon

Enjoying a late night screening of Satyricon, and watching the film for the first time with the English dub, I was pleased to hear the unmistakable voice of Michael Hordern. I wonder did any other noteworthy players lend their vocal talents to the film ? I could have sworn I heard the voice of Ian McCulloch in a small incidental part earlier in the film, but perhaps I was wrong - I seem to remember McCulloch's interview in the October 1992 issue of Dark Side, where he discussed his three-picture sojourn in Italy (Zombie Flesh Eaters, Zombie Holocaust and Contamination), and there was no mention of working with Fellini (surely not something one would omit from a self-appraisal). Incidentally, whilst browsing Satyricon's credits over at the imdb, I spotted two interesting credits: the The Minotaur was played by the great Anthropophagous Beast himself George Eastman, and a credit for music recording goes to electronic composer David Behrman. I know Tod Dockstader contributed some electronics to the soundtrack, but seeing Behrman name attached to the film was a pleasant surprise. Strangely though, there's no mention of Behrman's work on Satyricon on his official website... I'm starting to think that Fellini is a dirty word these days !

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