Saturday, 3 February 2018

Laserdisc Collecting: The Thing (Japan, 1985, CIC)

Presenting the 1985 CIC Japanese laserdisc of The Thing. I’m afraid my copy didn’t photograph all that well but you get the idea. The Thing has been on my mind lately. I finally managed to watch my copy of the Arrow Blu a few weekends ago and was thrilled with the presentation. I hadn’t expected the transfer to be that much of a leg-up from the previous Blu, but I found the Arrow a much richer viewing experience, especially the final act which I’ve always thought something of a damp squib, but on this screening I thoroughly enjoyed the marriage of John Lloyd’s terrific subterranean production design and Dean Cundey’s fantastic lighting. But back on topic: last night I chanced upon the 2013 documentary Drew: The Man Behind The Poster, profiling the career of American film poster artist Drew Struzan, and in the segment I caught, Struzan was discussing his artwork for The Thing (the iconic painting of the shards of light emanating from the hooded figure). I was wondering if Struzan was responsible for the artwork on the Japanese laserdisc, which shows the shape-shifting alien in all its surreal gloopiness, but the credit goes to British artist Les Edwards whose original painting the laserdisc sleeve was derived from. Looking at the back sleeve, I was reminded of the still of Childs and Palmer, a scene which isn't featured in the film or found in the deleted scenes that come with the home video editions...

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